Resin is a medium that dries to a hard, glassy finish. It also allows for me to preserve plants and other objects in the various layers. Art pieces done on canvas using acrylic paint have a similar style but dry with a more matte texture. The reason certain resin pieces are more expensive than others is because some pieces have multiple layers of resin.

I donate 10% of all purchases to a conservation group of my choosing. It can change, but right now I am giving to the Changing Tides Foundation – an organization aiming to protect our oceans, reduce waste, and raise awareness, while also partnering with community programs and projects for disaster relief around the world. You can email me to let me know if there is a different organization or charity that you would prefer to donate the portion of your purchase to. 

                                                                   ABOUT THE ARTIST

First of all, thank you so much for being interested in my work. Art and the environment are both things that I have always loved and I feel I've found a way to combine them with the style I incorporate in these pieces. I grew up in Western Washington and now live at Snoqualmie Pass. Through working in ecological research and also spending most free time outside, wilderness plays a large part in my life. My dog and I love to spend time in nature whether it’s swimming and hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. Color studies of the places I have visited make their way into the art, and I aim to depict a love for wild places throughout Washington and the Earth in each piece. I hope my art conveys the gratitude I have for my experiences traveling to far away places, or exploring my home state. 

Thanks again for finding your way here, much love.  

(See the great video made by @mountainsinthebackyard for a peek at the process)

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