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                                                                   ABOUT THE ARTIST

Sarah Burrington grew up in Western Washington, attended school in Seattle, and now lives at Snoqualmie Pass. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, woodburning, resin, and organic plant materials. The inspiration for each piece stems from a love of the natural world. Through working in ecological research and spending most free time outside, wilderness plays a large part in her life. Sarah and her dog love to spend time in nature whether it’s swimming and hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. She aims to depict a love for wild places throughout Washington and the Earth in each piece.

Thanks again for finding your way here, much love.  

5% of all purchases are donated to a conservation group. It can change, but right now donations are going to the Changing Tides Foundation – an organization aiming to protect our oceans, reduce waste, and raise awareness, while also partnering with community programs and projects for disaster relief around the world. You can email me to let me know if there is a different organization or charity that you would prefer to donate the portion of your purchase to.

(See the great video made by @mountainsinthebackyard for a peek at the process)

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